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Name: DesGriffesDeFeu RAMSES ( aka  bambam)  (Also cashmere program).
Colour: Seal Spotted Lynx  ( Tabby) Point 
Eye Colour: Blue
Sire: PowWow DesGriffesDeFeu
Dam: Nathalie DesGriffesDeFeu
Pra/b: Normal
Pkdef: Normal
Fiv/Felv: Normal
HCM: Due June 2021.

Ramses came to me as a wonderful surprise from my husband, he knew how much I adored Naths breeding program and how much I wanted a seal Lynx with such amazing type and structure.
Ramses has everything I could ever dream of in a Bengal Stud, we feel incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity in BengalLegacyCats. I hope to lock in his incredible type and also bring this to our Silver side of our breeding program  this year.


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We would like to thank Diana Smith from KanpurBengals in Canada for all of her help and support with CloudJumper, she went above and beyond to make sure he arrived to the UK safe and happy,S he is an amazing breeding of many years with a huge amount of trust and respect.
He is the perfect boy for our Brown breeding program in 2021, If you love FLASH and Glitter you will love CloudJumper! 


Expected matings are to: 
WowBengals Paradise IVY & Principessa NoirMoon.



Name: Kanpur CloudJumper. (cashmere program)
Colour: Brown Black Rosetted.
Eye Colour: Green.
Genetics: A/A.
Sire: Heavenly Rosettes Dodge Barracuda.
Dam: Myanmar Jungle Love.
Pra/b: Normal.
Pkdef: Normal.
HCM: Due July 2021.


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SolRoyals Maximus The Great.
Sire: SolRoyals Van Helsing. 
Dam: SolRoyals Domino.
Colour: Seal Lynx (tabby) Point.
Genetics: Apb/a (cs/cs).
Eye Colour: Blue.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
Felv: Normal.
HCM: Normal.

Maximus came to us from Poland last year 2020. He settled in beautifully and is such a sweet natured boy, a very gentle stud with gorgeous big rosettes a wonderful profile and very thick tail.
I couldn't have asked anymore from his breeder, he is perfect for BengalLegacyCats!



Name: Spartacus (aka Matrix) of BengalLegacy. (cashmere program).

Matrix information will be updated asap, he is super special as he will be leading BengalLegacys FIRST ever Long Haired Bengal Cat program under the prefix CASHMERESLEGACY.

BGL also known as 'Cashmere' is a wonderful longhair version of The Bengal Cat, so basically fluffy Bengals. We have a wonderful support network for this new adventure through breeding long haired Bengals, and cannot wait to have our very own first Cashmeres, they feel like silk and are simply beautiful! Our goal is to be breeding Snow, Silver snow and Silver Cashmere Bengal cats by 2022.

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